I ruined my face laying out in the sun and blistering it badly.

July 5,1964. Sunday. My face is blistered!

Pearl called, asked if I wanted to go to her dad’s apartment and swim. I went with out any makeup and my hair in curlers… I never was so unhappy, because there were boys all over the place, but I looked so ugly I couldn’t talk to anyone. We finally couldn’t stand it and left. Went to “Robert’s” and ordered, but decided we didn’t want anything so we left. Came home and ate like a pig. Mom and Dad went out so I had to watch the kids. Picked Donna up from Terri’s and came home to oil my face. I think I really ruined my skin. I look terrible and it hurts.


Saffrons rule sharrie hair in curlers

I thought the Prisoner’s of Fat club of two, (Pearl and me,) would be safe hiding out incognito at her dad’s apartment, wearing curlers and no makeup.

saffron rule sunburn

I was so stupid using Coconut Butter on my face, while laying out in the sun for 3 hours on Lauri’s diving board. But, I figured it was Okay, because Baby Oil was advertised as a better way to get a deep tan. 

saffrons rule coco butter

I’d mix Coco Butter with concentrated tea from tea bags to get a dark tan and it worked.  But I ruined face using it during the worst time of day, between noon and 3:00. 

saffrons rule baby oil

Turn on a tan with Johnson’s Baby Oil – This vintage ad from the 1960s boasts: “It has no sunscreen like tanning lotions and creams. So there’s nothing to block out the golden sun. You tan faster and deeper than ever before. And you stay tan longer. Come on. Turn on you great big beautiful baby you!”  http://envisioningtheamericandream.com/2013/07/09/sizzling-in-the-sixties-suburban-sun-2/

saffrons rule sunburn

Solarcaine did help the pain, but didn’t stop the horrible pealing that would surely come.

saffrons rule noxzema

I had to live with Noxzema on my face and body, but it still was miserable.

Today we know better than to let the ultraviolet rays from of the sun penetrate the fine layers of our skin.  I’m sure my generation has the worst skin cancer of any generation in the history of the world.  I’ve had over 30 skin peals and have used a skin product from a Plastic surgeon for over 20 years to reverse the damage done to my skin as a teenager.

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