New Years Eve party turned into a nightmare that lasted until 5 in the morning

December 31, 1964, Thursday Wild Open Party for New Years Eve

Worked on Senior Play from 9 am to 4 pm, than came home. Lauri called and said the girls would be at my house at 7:30. I was depressed, because I thought it would be a dead night! Mom and Dad left, then the boys started coming. They weren’t cute and I felt like a stranger in my own home. I didn’t know anyone. It was pretty boring. The boys brought in liquor and started drinking. They got out of control and called up the Liquor store and my friend who works there, Mike Giller delivered it. I danced with him and than kissed him. The place was getting terrible. Boys were passed out, fights were breaking out all over and this crazy boy pulled a knife and pushed a boy through the back porch window and broke the glass. He was bleeding all over. The worst part was some boys swiped all of dad’s liqour, he’d been saving. When Mike Giller came back at Midnight I felt better. We all kissed and danced, than I went into the bedroom and made out with him He got pretty wild and unzipped my pants, but I stopped him, then he tried my blouse, I couldn’t control him. I was scared! I left and went in the other room and another boy grabbed me and started kissing me. Lauri went into my room and made out with some guy. The kids left, but came back at 3:30. We cleaned up and Mom and Dad came home at 4 am. The boys stayed until 5 am. The girls stayed all night. Some boys from Westchester were there and told me Bryon isn’t going steady anymore!! I hope this New Year will bring him to me!


Last words of 1964:

Now I’m 5’4” and weigh 120 lbs. My measurements are 38-24-36.

This was such a bitchen year for the first 6 months, then the roof fell in. The last 6 months were so sad…nobody, just nobody!! I felt so unpopular. I sure hope things start picking up. My New Years wish is that I will find somebody to love. I wish Byron would ask me out more than anything, so I could see if he’s worth wasting my time on.  Love, Sharrie

Howard’s songs

You’re No Good

It’s the Little Boy

You Can’t Do That

She Loves You Ya Ya Ya

We’ll Love Again

Popsicles, Icicles


Dave’s songs

Crooked Little Man

It’s Over

Party Girl

She Don’t Understand Him

Bread and Butter


Byron’s songs

Baby, Babysitting

It Hurt’s to be in Love

Baby Love

sharrie art 3

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Sharrie Williams is the author of The Maybelline Story and a direct descendant of the Maybelline Cosmetic Family. Great niece of Maybelline founder Tom Lyle Williams. Buy a signed copy today.
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