Saffrons Rule



.1964 PBS click on

A tell all, taken directly from my 1964 High School

diary reveals the secret life of a 16-year-old girl coming of

age between Kennedy’s Assassination and

the Vietnam War. In the midst of frustration and struggle

to become an adult during the 1960’s, Sharrie and her

friends, seek to find meaning in their lives – while growing

up in the fast lane of LA.


January 30, 1964

Coup in Saigon

South Vietnam military sets up third government in three months.

August 2, 1964

Gulf of Tonkin

The USS Maddox is on spy patrol 30 miles off the coast of Vietnam when it reports an attack by three enemy vessels. Another U.S. ship reports an attack on Aug 4. (Later inquiries will cast doubt on both reports.) On Aug 7, Congress passes the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, allowing Pres. Johnson to wage war against North Vietnam without a formal Declaration of War.

April-June, 1964

U.S. Navy Arrives

After North Vietnam goes into Laos, U.S. moves 2 carriers offshore.

March 2, 1965



Sharrie is a direct descendant of the Maybelline Family and the author of The Maybelline Story and he Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It.

View her Maybelline Story Blog at

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