My bitchen 57 Chevy almost blew up on Coast Highway at Malibu Beach

August 23, 1964, Sunday. My car almost blew up at the beach

Went to Church with my sister Donna and her friend Teri Thompson, so we could straight to the beach after. Pearl and Bonnie met us there. Then we drove to the gas station and found out the radiator was full of oil. The man said someone must have put in in there. We drove to Toes, than to Malibu. But after driving 3 hours, we couldn’t find a place to park…. Then the car started getting hot and leaked oily water. I was so scared, I went back to a gas station. The car almost blew up. We hardly made it home because the transmission almost fell apart. I didn’t tell mom and dad, because they were in a bad mood. I went to Pearls and stayed all night and ate and studied modeling. Going to the beach tomorrow.

saffrons rule gas station 3

When the mechanic at the gas station in Playa del Rey, told me someone put oil in my radiator I knew it was some guy at Toes, who was mad at me, or jealous a girl had such a “TOUGH,” 57 blue and white Chevy.  

saffrons rule malibu 2

One of the most popular Surf Spots in the world was Malibu Beach, home of mega millionaires and Movie Stars.  To have my car break down and almost blow up was the worst thing that could happen on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon, in our bathing suits!

saffrons rule malibu 3

I was so embarrassed when my bitchen car started smoking and leaking oily water right at the most congested part of Coast Highway in Malibu.  What could be more uncool.  It was a big CHOP ON ME.  

saffrons rule gas station 2We actually had to wait around while the mechanic checked my car after it almost blew up in front of everyone at the hottest part of the Southern California.  You can just imagine a movie camera panning up higher and higher as my car smoked up a storm in the middle of Paradise.

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