I fought, kicked and screamed for all the Saffron hopefuls to make it into the club


September 19, 1964, Tuesday. Decided on our pledges.

The girls were all scared about tonight. But, they were extra sweet to us today. After school we went to Woodies for dinner. At the Saffron meeting, all the girls were so afraid of going into the room where we asked them questions. We didn’t ask anything bad, but some girls were so nervous, they started to cry.  After it was over, we took them home and came back to vote on who we wanted in the club. All the Sophomores made it, except Dianne Spewak. I was so upset I cried and screamed. We fought all night. They said if she gets in they all should. But, we couldn’t do that! So we were going to drop Linda Klein too. But, I couldn’t see her get hurt!  After about an hour I won!!  We took all the Sophomores, then we called them.  It was great hearing them scream, they were so happy, especially Linda Klein.  She got the break that would change the direction of her life, she would have respect now.

saffrons rule Saffron BarbiesNew Saffron hopeful’s lined up waiting to be cut, because they weren’t the image the club need to advertise at school.  I just couldn’t stand to see the girls hurt so I fought for all of them to make it and they did!!!


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