I pray to God, that if my daddy get’s well I will always be good to him!


October 24, 1964, Saturday. Sick…Ben and Ann Benson came by

Woke up real sick today. I couldn’t go to the Pledge Car Wash. I went to the pool, but threw-up, so went to bed. Mary and Granddaddy came over, so did Ben and Ann wit their daughter Chris. I forced myself to get up and get dressed. Pearl came over and we all went swimming. Tonight Ben got drunk and was very loud and crude. I came in and went right to bed. Chis stayed all night. Ben brought a lot of flash lights to give us, and a car for my 4 year old brother, Preston.

October 25, 1964, Sunday. Sick…Stayed in bed all day. Linda Klein came over, so did Nana. Chris went home tonight.

October 26, 1964, Monday. Sick.

October 27, 1964, Tuesday. I’ve known Howard two years. Met him when I was 15 at a Monster Mash dance. (Ronald Reagan speaks on Goldwater’s behalf.)

A funny thing happened tonight. Al Walker called. He’s the one I met when I met Howard. They were at the dance together. It’s funny because it’s our anniversary today. It’s two years today. Al asked me out for this weekend. I said I would go if wasn’t sick, but I knew I’d be sick. I told Al about the time Howard came over and expected me to go out with him and how I stayed in the bathroom until he left. He cant wait to chop Howard about how I hung him up..

October 28, 1964, Tuesday, Sick

October 29, 1964, Wednesday, Sick

October 30, 1964, Thursday, Sick

Jill Perkins has been staying with us. I felt a litter better, maybe I’m getting well, but I doubt it. It hasn’t been 10 days.

October 31, 1964, Friday, Seven days sick on Saturday.

What a sad day. It’s Halloween!!! My favorite Holiday and I’m still sick. Didn’t do anything all night.

saffrons rule halloween

November 1, 1964, Sunday.

Daddy’s getting sick. We are real worried about him. He’s going to have to go to the hospital for tests. We’re afraid it could be his heart infection again (Endocarditis,) I went to Nana’s to get well.

November 2, 1964, Monday. Daddy’s in the Hospital!

Daddy went to the Veterans Hospital today. He’s very sick. His temperature is 102 degrees and he is freezing cold. I’m so worried about him. I promise God, that if he gets well I’ll always be good to him like Sandy and Diane Block are to their parents. He’s going to have to stay at the Hospital for 10 days at least for different tests.

 November 3, 1964, Wednesday


Can’t stand staying in the house, I’m so restless. Nana went to see Daddy and Mom picked me up from Nana’s apartment. I came home to get ready for school tomorrow. Mom went to see Daddy.



saffrons rule praying

Endocarditis is an infection of the inner lining of your heart (endocardium).

Endocarditis typically occurs when bacteria or other germs from another part of your body, such as your mouth, spread through your bloodstream and attach to damaged areas in your heart. Left untreated, endocarditis can damage or destroy your heart valves and can lead to life-threatening complications. Treatments for endocarditis include antibiotics and, in severe cases, surgery.

Endocarditis is uncommon in people with healthy hearts. People at greatest risk of endocarditis have a damaged heart valve, an artificial heart valve or other heart defects.

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