Fosters Freeze in Culver City was Saffron’s favorite hangout

January 7, 1964

Ordinary day, kind of sad. Late to school because Mommy had to drive me, but I snuck into class. Felt hopeless today, I think I’m going to flunk History. I can’t think or do my work. Mr. Loomer picked on me again for not paying attention, told me I had big eyes. Supposed to go in after school for help in shorthand, but didn’t go. Felt so ugly and unpopular today. I’m so glad pledge-week is almost over. Hell Night is this Saturday. Then I’ll finally be a real SAFFRON. Now all I want in Howard! I know I’d be happy then. Went to Fosters after school. Talked to Lauri about what we’re going to name our kids…Howard Gertz Jr., or William Gertz, (Billy.) I’m not sure about the girl. Maybe Linda. My Father was a real “BUG.” Didn’t want me to go to my Saffron meeting. Told Saffron’s I’d have “HELL NIGHT” at my house. Then Mom said NO!!!


After 50 years Fosters is still at 13300 W Washington Blvd Culver City, CA 90066


You can bet we were listening to Kathy Young sing A Thousand Stars in the Sky on the radio and talking about boys….

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