Today at Culver City High Shcool, I was in a good mood and felt real popular!!!

January 13, 1964 Monday Happy Day

Wore SAFFRON colors. An orange and white skirt and blouse with orange sweater I got for Christmas. Went to Culver High with Lanny. Marilyn came by my house to get me, but I’d already left. Felt bad, because it made her late to school. School was pretty good today. Everyone was happy, but real tired. I was extra friendly with Edna today. Was in a good mood and felt real popular. Stayed after school in shorthand with Sandy and Sheila. Drove home with Sandy and Edna. Lauri came by and we went shopping at Crenshaw Center. Didn’t get anything. Thought about Mommy’s 40th Birthday on Friday. Guess I’ll get her the beads she wants. I’m sooooo happy, all my friends really like her and she seems like she likes them. Granddaddy ate over. Went to bed at 9:45.

Side note: It’s interesting how being popular and cute made me so happy, while feeling ugly and unpopular made me sad.  I guess in High School, being cute and popular was very important for survival.  I think It’s still like that in our culture.  What do you think.  What was it like for you in High School?

Being a California Girl in the 1960’s meant being tan, cute and popular.  Not much else.

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2 Responses to Today at Culver City High Shcool, I was in a good mood and felt real popular!!!

  1. jan says:

    The popular girls in my high school were in a “CLICK”. They thought they were extra cool with their money and clothes but it was the average kids who had the most fun..We mostly made fun of the clickers…not out of jealousy but because they thought they were better than us..Most of them had to go to summer school and tried to become friends with us because they wanted to have fun too..If I remember correctly…..we didn’t want to be friends with them because of the way they looked down on us..Now once older….I would be friends with them because most of them ended up turning into who we already were……just normal everyday people….

  2. saffronsrule says:

    Yup, being in a Click was very important to me, after going to a Private School until the 8th grade and not even knowing what being popular was about. Though I was in a popular click, I was a very nice girl as you will see, and though It sounds like I’m having sex, I’m a Virgin until after I graduate Culver City High School.

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