I might fail 3 classes at Culver City High, but at least I’ll get an “A” for giving good parties

January 15, 1964 Wednesday

Went to school with Lanny. Wore cranberry coat I gave Mommy for Christmas. Sheila kept chopping (insulting) me because it was so loud. Went to Assembly today. Whole SAFFRON crowd sat together. Had to take Junior High bus home again. It was terrible. Got home and found three failure notices from American Lit, bookkeeping and History. I’m so scared because there’s a big test in American Lit. – Edna called to ask about the test, she hasn’t studied either. I have so much to do this week, I don’t know what I’m going to do about the party. Called a few people to come. Ernie called, said he would come over but I talked him out of it.

Jan 16, 1964 Thursday NERVOUS DAY

Got wrecked in school today. First studied for American Lit. Then sat in class at lunch and studied shorthand. Got in big collision in the gym. Two girls ran into me and I got a bad head ache. Sandy drove me home. Spent so much money on the party… but Mommy’s worth it. Went shopping and bought food for the party. Then went to Bonnie’s and made potato salad, while Bon’s Mom made Mommy a cake. It said “Happy Birthday you old BAG”. Then there was a bag and it said 40 lbs.of health, wealth and happiness. Howard called. DARN!! I wasn’t home.

January 17, 1964 Friday Mommy’s Birthday, nervous night.

What a hectic day this was – couldn’t get the car so Mom had to drive me to school. Got out of gym to help Mrs. Ship. Mom picked up, me and Bonnie, in a loaner car. Went to Bon’s and started making food for the party. Was so nervous, couldn’t relax. House was a mess, everyone was mad. Mom didn’t come home until late. Carried food in car, home. Had an hour to hang balloons and lay food out. Grace was first to come. Than the Burke’s and Charlie Lewis. Then Mommie and Dad came home before all were there, which ruined the surprise. My cousin, John Huber came and I was ashamed to face him, because I never wrote him while he was in Camp Pendelton. Party was sort of quiet, broke up at 1:00 am. Mom was happy. Nana and Granddaddy cane and broke the ice. 

As a Sophomore at Culver City High School, socializing was my number 1 priority.  You’d think getting good grades and planing to go to College would be most the  important.  But no, the party always came first and having the right outfit!!!

Christmas family pictures 008

Grace, Mom, Granddaddy, cousin John Huber, Jean Williams Nana and Dad

Saffrons card 001

Sharrie and Bonnie at the Birthday Party.

Sharrie Williams is the author of The Maybelline Story, visit her Maybelline Book Blog athttp://www.maybellinebook.com/

Enjoy watching Sharrie’s interview on KCAL 9, CBS


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Sharrie Williams is the author of The Maybelline Story and a direct descendant of the Maybelline Cosmetic Family. Great niece of Maybelline founder Tom Lyle Williams. Buy a signed copy today.
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