My goal was to be Gidget, without ever going in the Ocean

January 23, 1964 Thursday Happy Day Howard’s is 19 today!

Mom had to drive me to school. Had to pick up Marilyn, Vira and Candy Pounds. I’m real friendly with Sandy Block. (Yay!!! today is Howard’s Birthday, he’s 19. Just love him.) Had to stay after school in bookkeeping with Pearl. Stayed an hour and a half. Then went to Pearl’s and studied until 6:30. Mom picked me up, ate dinner and started to comb my hair out, when Howard called. He was working. Said he’d pick me up at 7:00 Saturday. He doesn’t want to come in and talk to my parents again. Ernie called after him. He’s going to pick me up Tuesday and take me to Westchester High School. Monday I’m going  surfing with Howard.  Wednesday going to Fred’s school, (Dorsey.) We get out of school at 12:30 because it’s finals.

Saffrons rule Gidget

My idol was Gidget, except I was more of a Beach Bunny, watching the Surfers.  It was a  “Surfers Rule” kind of Surf Culture, for me…. and Howard was a Surf god in 1964.

beach bunny
Web definitions
  1. A beach bunny is a general American popular culture term for a young woman who spends her free time at the beach. In surf culture it may also refer to a female surfer. Beach bunnies are known for the amount of time they spend sun tanning and are usually represented wearing bikinis.

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