Sick again, Nana gave me some pills to sleep. Something she takes. It helped, but I woke up in pain. Why must I always get sick?

Saffrons rule sick

February 2, 1964, Sick day. God don’t let me be sick this week!

Felt sick today. So worried I’ll be too sick to go out with Howard next week. I’ll kill myself if I can’t. I threw up. Stayed in bed all day. Didn’t eat. Just kept calling out, HOWARD.

February 3, 1964, Monday, Sick Day.

Was sick all day. Didn’t go to school. Was real sad cause today was starting of new semester. Didn’t throw up surprisingly enough. Just kept thinking about Howard. He’s going to call me Wednesday. I’ve got to be well by then. I’ll die if I’m not. We’re going to an Inglewood High School dance Saturday. Lou and his brother’s band is playing. Also we’re going to see Surf Films of Howard. He said he might have to work Saturday, but he said he wouldn’t. My waist is real sore where he picked me up. Don’t know if I can stand not hearing from him until Wednesday. Miss him so much, I wish I could be with him all the time.
February 4, 1964, Sick

Real sick, Just keep throwing up. Can’t go to school.
February 7, 1964, Sick

Getting sicker. Think I’m going to die. Why can’t I get well for good. Howard called.

February 6, 1964, Sick

Too sick to write. Howard called twice tonight.

February 7, 1964, Friday, Sick

Couldn’t stand it any longer. Went down to the beach to get out of the house. Howard was there. I brought my little brother Preston. Stayed and talked a long time. Almost threw up. Drove him to a friends house. Went to Nana’s and we went to lunch. Got sick and threw up. Went back to her house and stayed all night. Howard called me. Nana gave me some pills to sleep. Something she takes, (Seconal®) Reds. It helped, but I woke up in pain. Why must I always get sick?
February 8, 1964, Saturday, Sick

Stayed at Nana’s again, went out that day. Got sick, came home. My cousin John called. Wanted me to come out to see him, cause he’s going back for two months. (He’s in the Service.) I was too sick. I just couldn’t go. I couldn’t even go to the dance with Howard. Real sad about that. Pearl called. Wanted to see if I could drive to the dance. Told her I couldn’t. Stayed at Nana’s. Had to sleep with my little brother Preston. The most miserable night of my life.

February 9, 1964, Sunday, Sick

Still sick. Stayed at Nana’s till about fur. No one was there. Tried to do my hair. Got sick. Went home. Donna and some girls were here. Can’t go to school again tomorrow. Threw up all night.

February 10, 1964, Monday, Sick
February 11, 1964 Tuesday, Sick

School nurse came over. Talked to us. She was real nice. Said I should stick with one doctor. Went driving with Mommy and Daddy. Came home and got sick. They went out somewhere. Felt good while they were gone, (Strange.) No school tomorrow. Talked to Howard. Wished he could come over. He called two times. Mom and Dad came home about 9:00. Got sick and went to bed.

February 12, Wednesday, Lincoln’s Birthday. Sick.

Tried to get well so I could go to school tomorrow. Felt pretty good. Uncle Charlie Lewis came over. Then the family went out. Tried to set my hair. Went to pick Donna up at Teri Thompson’s. Got sick driving her home. Pulled over and threw up on the side of the road. Can’t go to school tomorrow. I’ve been sick for almost two weeks.

February 13, 1964, Thursday, Nana’s Birthday, Sick

Mommy and Daddy took Nana out for dinner for her Birthday. Howard called. Talked a long time. Called me his “Love.” He has a bad cold. I love him so much. (Please God, don’t let us break up again.) It will be the third time if we do. I couldn’t stand it again. I love him too much.

February 14, 1964, Friday, Valentines Day, Sick

Still Sick. Nana came over for her Birthday. So did Granddaddy. They ate over. Howard didn’t call. The Bum.


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