Before Marina Del Rey Breakwater was built, Toe’s Beach was a surfing Mecca.

February 23, 1964, Sunday, Everyone thinks I’m engaged because of a ring Daddy found. Fun day, but, Howard didn’t call

Woke up early, so I could go to the the beach. Lauri called so went with her to Toes. We picked up her friend Lynn. Went to Toes – It was so windy out!  I saw Joe. He asked if I was looking for Howard. I said NO! I wish I knew what was with Howard. He hasn’t called in a week and he hasn’t gone to the beach for a week. We then drove to “Station 2.” Lots of kids were there. Including Fred. Fred and I fought all day. Kept chopping each other. He thinks I’m going with Howard. He almost threw me in the water for throwing sand in his face. Marty made a lot over my orange capris, (because he knew Lauri gave them to me.) We made fools of ourselves by singing “We love you Beatles.” On the way home we picked up 3 hitchhikers and drove them all over. Went to Pearls. Did homework. Went to Fosters. Saw a cute boy.

The Beatles – I Want to Hold Your Hand – Washington D.C.1964

Chop~To cut down verbally. Example: “Man, you’re so ugly, you gotta slip up on a glass to get a drink of water.” (Now that was a “chop”.) NOTE: This translated to “Burn” in the Seventies and onward. 

February 9, 1964, Ed Sullivan show, First time seen on US Television.

There are three main beaches in Playa Del Rey; Toe’s, sometimes called Toe’s Over Beach, Gillis Beach, and Dockweiler. In the 1950’s and 1960’s; before the Marina Del Rey Breakwater was built, Toe’s Beach was a surfing Mecca.

Westchester California, where all the cute Surfers were from.   Enjoy this vintage video.

Check out this blog about Westchester High School


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