Only interested in meeting cute boys, I don’t know how to ski. I don’t think I will learn either, I don’t want to get wrecked.

February 24, 1964, Monday, Howard hasn’t called in a week. Can’t wait until Saturday. Going to meet someone better. (Wish he would call.)

Drove to school, it was such a drag, until Edna thought of going to the snow. I thought it was a great idea. I told her I could drive. We decided to take Bonnie, Angie, Marilyn, Linda, Edna and me. We wanted to go Saturday night and stay all night in a cabin without a chaperone. It would be “too great.” Everyone says there are millions of darling boys. I want to meet one and forget Howard. By the way, Cristy Carlson said she met Howie. He said he knew some kids from Culver. He named me first. I told her he’s been going with me for two years. (I loved it!)  Well anyway, we’re bringing food and skis. I don’t know how to ski. I don’t think I will learn either, I don’t want to get wrecked. Sure hope he calls so I can tell him we’re going to Surf Films Wed. 



I never liked going outside my comfort zone…..Didn’t like it too hot, too cold, too dangerous.  So never learned to ski, water ski, snowboard, surf, skydive or any extreme sports so to speak.  Just wanted to look cute and sit by the fireplace with my guy.

Funny ski crashes


Nope, you could always find me sitting by the fireplace in the Ski Lodge with my guy. Nothing could be Sweeter!!

Mary Wells-My Guy Lyrics (1964 song)

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