Had to pass up the Donkey Basketball Game and Saffrons Slumber Party so I could go to the beach and out with Howard Sat night.

February 28,1964, Friday, Talked to Pat, she wants to dress up and wear heals tomorrow. Saffrons Slumber Party.

Drove to school, felt ugly. Today kids were kind a sad cause we couldn’t go to the snow. I really don’t  because now I can go out with Howard…… Angie, Sandy Linda and Edna made modeling!  Went home so I could wash my hair. But didn’t….. Donkey Basketball game tonight, but didn’t go because I went last year and got hay-fever. After the game a “Saffron Slumber Party,” but tonight it doesn’t start until 12:00. If I go I’ll be to tired to go to the beach tomorrow and go out tomorrow night. So, I told Pearl I had to stay home and babysit. Hope they won’t be mad. Was in a bad mood at home. I always am. My family Bugs me but I love them.

Bug means “Bother or annoy”

ImageDonkey Basketball Game.

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