He smells so clean, like Jade East cologne and freshly starched shirts. We’re going steady I guess. (He never asked me, or gave me a St. Christopher)

February 29, 1964, Saturday, Howard acted like he loved me. I’m not such a prude anymore. Bitchin night.

Went to the beach. Howard wasn’t there. It was so windy I almost got blown in the water. Found out Howard really didn’t live in that big mansion. Went home. Bonnie and I went out to find Howard’s real house. We found it and he was working in the yard. We couldn’t believe our eyes. Such a little house. We solved a mystery, but why did he lie? Ernie called. Told him about Shelia. He almost died.  Pat, Al, Howard and I doubled, went to the BeverlyTheatre and saw Dr. Strangelove.  But, didn’t think the movie was that great. Al and Howard almost got in a fight in the parking lot because some guy wrecked his car. Went to Lou’s for a couple of hours. He got pretty violent. He felt me up and everything. Said we were going to the mountains, but, that I’d probably get pregnant before we came home. (For some reason that sounded so romantic.) I love making out with him, he smells so clean, like Jade East cologne and freshly starched shirts. Were going steady I guess. (He never asked me, or gave me a St. Christopher, but he acts like it.) He said he’d call tomorrow.

saffrons rule case closed

Sharrie and Bonnie close the case, Howard doesn’t live in a big Mansion.

Saffrons Rule Beverly Theatre

The Beverly was sadly demolished in August of 2005 to make way for new development.

Saffrons Rule Dr Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove, 1964.

Saffrons Rule St Christopoher

In the 60’s surfers wore St. Christopher medals as a good luck piece to protect them while surfing. St. Christopher medal was synonymous with fleeting romance as“Moondoggies” and “Gidgets” exchanged them as a symbol of “going steady.”

saffrons rule sandlas

mexican huarache sandals

Saffrons Rule Jade EAst

Jade East was a big hit with Surfers.  I loved the smell of it mixed with cigarettes and freshly starched white shirts.  That was the look, white button down shirt, cords, (corduroy pants.) and huarache sandals.

See you tomorrow, hope the Sun’s out and the Surf’s up.

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Sharrie Williams is the author of The Maybelline Story and a direct descendant of the Maybelline Cosmetic Family. Great niece of Maybelline founder Tom Lyle Williams. Buy a signed copy today.
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