Is it okay to let my boyfriend get to second base at 16 going on 17?

March 6, 1964, Friday. Cute boy Mike liked me today. Told him I was going Steady. (It felt good to say it.) Boring day.

Went to School with Marilyn. My hair looked good, but I felt fat. Was such a boring day. Didn’t do anything. There was an assembly and a concert, almost fell asleep. Went home. Then went to get some tennis shoes and picked up the Chevy. Came home. Lauri wanted me to go to some party. We went with Candy and Lynn to the park. There were a lot of kids from the Jewish Center, (where I met Howard.)  I was bored and half froze standing in the cold. Finally a darling boy came over. Lauri Started flirting with him. She told him I was going Steady. He acted like he liked me. Went to her house. Wanted to go home. Didn’t want to be with any boy. 

March 7, 1964, Saturday. I’m losing my love for Howard more and more. He’s just out for fun and he lies. Bitchen Night.

Mommy made me wash the windows in my room. Then I took of to the beach to meet Howie. It was freezing cold. Dave Kendal was there. I sat and talked to him. Then a whole bunch of kids went to Jerry Booth’s house. After we went to the Flying Jib at Toes. Dave, Greg, Jerry, Dan, Byron, Ray and a whole bunch of other kids were there. I sat and flirted. Howard finally drove by at 2:30. 2 ½ hours late. He came in, than we went to Al’s. He got a hair cut. Went to Lew’s and I told him we wanted his band to play for the Saffron Party. Howard and I doubled with John and Bonnie. We played Miniature Golf and I was terrible at it. We left after John went on the Trampoline. Went to John’s apartment to watch Surf Films. Howie almost threw me on the bed. Let him go under my blouse. Didn’t get any thrill out of it. Couldn’t get hot. I was bored and acted cold to him all night. He got mad but I didn’t care. I don’t think I like him as much. I’m tired of waiting for him to call and I hate liars. 

saffrons rule minature golf Cool-Crest-people-2

Miniature Golf in the 1960’s.

Is it okay to let my boyfriend get to second base at 16 going on 17? click on the link for the answer.

Lies by the Knickerbockers

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