Patricia Stevens Modeling School set me on a course to Physical Fitness, Check out this amazing Makeup trick I learned.

April 30, 1964, Thursday.

After school I came home and started doing History. Dave K. called, we talked about a half hour about tomorrow. I had to hang up because Donna and I were leaving for Patricia Stevens Modeling School. When we got there we had a figure class. I did a bunch of exercises, than we had a make-up class and we chose the right shade of make-up. When I was done I looked so ugly I couldn’t stand looking at myself in the mirror, or be seen at Fosters after the Saffron meeting,  Came home and nothing happened. 


Patricia Stevens taught us how to apply our makeup, but I thought I should have taught the class because their technique’s were dated and uncool.  I did however, wind up buying their Pancake makeup… which changed my life.  It made my skin look flawless and Model Perfect. Their trick was…apply the Pancake Makeup with a wet sponge.  Let it set… apply a thick layer of powder… let it set… gently pat water over the face and apply a second thin layer of powder.  Amazingly it worked like a charm.


I have to give Patricia Stevens credit for starting me on my exercise regiment.  Before that time, I never even thought about exercising….After I graduated from High School my mother joined a Women’s exercise Studio called, Woman’s World and gave me a membership.  It was there I discovered Yoga… Years later I became a Bikram Yoga fanatic.  I guess everything comes when it’s supposed to.  When the student is ready the teacher will come. Bikram started a momentum and gave me the energy to finish my book….

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Me doing Bikram Yoga in a hot room…..Maui 2003

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