Is it ever cool to date your buddy’s ex girlfriend?

June 9,1964, Tuesday. Really went off my diet. Saw Dave, Jack and Phil.

I did good all day. I wasn’t even hungry. Then I came home and laid in the sun, but ate a piece of toast. Phil called and I told him I was going to McGee’s. When we got there he was there with Jack and Mike. Marilyn and I ate spaghetti with them. She acted so wild and I was sort of quiet. Phil asked me out. I told him I had finals. We left and went to Fosters. I almost died because Dave was there with JB.  He was very friendly.  We ran into each other just kidding around. Jack hung him up and he was mad he didn’t get to go to McGee’s. I wouldn’t tell him why Jack did it… so Marilyn told him it was because Phil wanted to ask me out. I left, came home and ate a Steak.

Saffrons Rule Phil asked me out

I guess Phil didn’t pick Dave and JB up for dinner at McGee’s, because he wanted to ask me out and couldn’t if Dave was sitting there.  After all they were friends and we’d recently broken up.

saffrons rule turning down a guy

 I wasn’t attracted to Phil anyway, so made up a dumb excuse of why I was busy.  I guess Dave still liked me, since Jannie wasn’t interested in going out with him.  

Dating Your Friend’s Ex Click for the answer.

There are many unwritten rules between friends. The two biggest rules are: never use anything friends say against them… and don’t date their exes. If the ex-girlfriend rule is ever broken, chances are that the friendship will be lost, and a physical fight might even break out. As much as men swear that their exes don’t mean anything to them, it still hurts when they realize that their women have found someone new. If that someone else is a close friend, it just amplifies the pain. 


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2 Responses to Is it ever cool to date your buddy’s ex girlfriend?

  1. Dallas Meyer says:

    ive been dating a girl for a month and she used to date a good friend of mine but i really do love her and i dont think he treated her like she deserved to be treated and i need to know if the guilty feeling will go away

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