My “Sour 17” Surprise Party with all the Saffrons

June 10, 1964, Wednesday. I’m 17, It’s my Birthday. I want to weigh 115 lbs.

Woke up to a table filled up with presents and cards. Granddaddy left me 25 dollars. At school everyone sang “Happy Birthday.” After school I laid in the sun and talked to Nana. I Couldn’t believe it, but, Mom and Dad got me my own phone. Then I got the surprise of my life. While I was opening my presents, Chris Drinkard came to the door, followed by all the Saffrons!  I got a real Surprise Party. We had cake, Spaghetti and salad. The Saffrons gave me the best thing ever. “A Barbie Doll,” and a watch band with Saffrons engraved on it. We had so much fun. Mom, Dad and Nana were so bitchen. It was the best Birthday I’ve ever had. I had a “Sour 17 Party.” All my friends had a Sweet 16 Party and I was crushed I missed mine because Mommy was in the Hospital. It was the worst Birthday ever. This Surprise meant, oh so much more to me this year.

Saffrons Rule Sour 17 Cakd

Happy Birthday Sharrie  “Sour 17”

Saffrons Rule Sour 17 Cakd 001

12 Saffrons all together to Celebrate my 17th Birthday

Saffrons Rule Sour 17 Cakd 002

Nana in the background and me at the head of the table.  You can see I was getting very tan to be ready for Summer, once I lost 10 lbs looked good in my bikini.

Saffrons Rule Sour 17 Cakd 003

My sister Donna’s friend Teri Thompson drew this picture of me that said For Byron.

Saffrons Rule Sour 17 Cakd 004

Teri drew this one of me for Dave

Saffrons Rule Sour 17 Cakd 005

Here is one of Dave and me at Toes.

 This was my song that Summer of 1964.

The Beatles – I saw Her Standing There (with lyrics)


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