At Culver High if our skirts didn’t touch the ground when we knelt down, we were sent home

July 17, 1964, Friday. Bryon likes someone else, I know (so sad)

My sister Donna stayed home while Pearl, Teri and I went to the beach. It was so cold we went to Pearl’s dad’s apartments and laid b the pool. Came home. Marilyn called and said there was a party up in my hills, “Blair Hills”. She picked me up. The party was called off so we picked up my sister Donna and her friend Teri and went to a couple of parties, than Fosters. Donna and Teri did well. Boys like them. Heard there was a dance in Westchester, so we went, but couldn’t get in because we had pants on. Only skirts allowed. We didn’t care because there were no cars we recognized in the lot. Then I was Byron’s truck and left because come nuts threw an egg at us. When we went back to Bryon’s truck he was gone. I know he doesn’t even like me.

saffrons rule no pants allowed

There actually was a dress code in 1964.  We couldn’t wear pants to school and our skirts had to touch the ground when we got on our knees.  My friends and I were asked to get down on our knees many times and we’d be sent home if our skirts were too short.  However, We’d roll them back up once the interrogation was over and we were free to go.

saffrons rule skirts and dressesThis was the demure, feminine look required at school and certain dances. 

saffrons rule egg at car

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