A Baby Shower for my 16 year old friend was not what I imagined it should be

August 13, 1964, Thursday. Shelia’s Baby Shower

I was so unhappy with Shelia’s Baby Shower. It was so unorganized. Some girls came in capris and even Shelia came in shorts, until she saw how dressed up I was, then went home and changed. Most of my friends weren’t there, just Shelia’s friends.( I don’t want Jackie in Saffrons because she has a bad reputation). I gave the baby a Baby’s Life Book, a pad for the crib and yellow boxing gloves. After the shower I came home, than went shopping for mom. I didn’t do anything all night, because everyone works, so just stayed home. Nana stayed all night again because she’s sick.

saffrons rule baby shower 4

A lot of girls smoked in High School.  Shelia got me to try it once, but I threw up and never did it again.  The Baby Shower was so full of smoke I knew I’d smell like cigarettes and have to take my clothes to the cleaners.  

saffrons rule baby shower

Shelia asked my mother to be the baby’s Godmother, because she was instrumental in getting her and Steve to get Married and keep their baby boy.

saffrons rule baby shower 3

I brought a little flower arrangement like this to Shelia in the Hospital when the baby was born. The Shower was scheduled after she came home.  

saffrons rule baby shower 5

These little 1964 Snoopy Baby shoes were a favorite Baby Shower gift.

saffrons rule baby shower 6

I thought these were perfect for a baby boy.

saffrons rule baby shower 2

I bought Shelia the Baby Book, because I kept a Diary and hoped she would start writing about her Baby’s first five years.  I tried to get all my friends to keep a diary, but most said they were too scared their parents would find it.

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