We called Nana, “Camille,” because like a hypochondriac she suffered from nervous conditions


September 7, 1964, Monday. Felt better at last.

Did my hair and got dressed. Very sad, not only have I been sick half the Summer, but I lost my tan taking 4 baths a day. Mary and Granddaddy came over so did Nana… Nana’s moving again and all she does is talk about her head, we can hardly stand it. The Doctor say’s there is nothing wrong with her but her nerves. The pool is coming along fine, but it sure is small. Only 3 to 5 feet deep and 15 by 30 feet long. But it will look better when it’s done I guess.

saffrons rule tan

Can you imagine the worst thing that happened all Summer was I lost my tan

saffrons rule camille garbo

Nana like her father and maybe all of us…seemed to suffer from nervous conditions…and was a bit of a hypochondriac.  We’d call her Camille, taken from Greta Garbo’s famous 1936 film, Camille.  Here are pictures of Garbo suffering during her death scene.  Garbo’s portrayal of the beautiful but sickly Parisian courtesan, who fatefully falls in love with a young French nobleman (25 year-old Robert Taylor), is widely considered the definitive version of the Camille story



Building a Pool

The pool was made with an Whril-Jet Jacuzzi attached to it and my parents called it a health pool.  A Whril-Jet stainless steal chair was permanently attached in the Jacuzzi so you could lay back and the nozzles would hit every part of your body.  After your treatment, you’d jump in the cold water and swim, then you’d get back in the hot water, until you were totally relaxed.  It was a new product and my dad always bought the newest everything. My parents liked the shallow pool, because Billee and Preston were little kids and they felt it was safer than a deep swimming pool.


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