If I only had the perfect boyfriend my life wouldn’t be so sad!


August 30, 1964, Sunday. Had a temperature of 104 degrees

Was sick all day. I wonder if Howard is as sick as I am. He got mad at me last night because I acted so dumb at Denny’s. Like putting sugar in the mustard and loosening the salt shaker lid and turning it upside down, so the salt would pour all over the counter. He acted like he likes Pearl. She’d go out with him I can tell. My fever was so high I couldn’t move. Al called for Pearl’s number, he wants to ask her out. (probably got it for Howard.) She’d never go out with Al. Then, Sandy’s brother Steve Block called again, he wants me to go out with his college roommate. I told him to ask Pearl. I was very sick all night…. Then my little sister Billee, told mom I went out last night and my parents blew up! In fact my mom was going to call Howard and tell him off. I could kill Billee for telling her.

saffrons rule diary 2

Dear Diary I’m sick with my stomach sickness again.  It’s ruining my life and it makes me want to give up.  Please bring me a boyfriend who cares about me.  I’m so sad and lonely.

August 31, 1964, Monday

Daddy left for a hunting trip today. I was so upset I cried, because he was leaving. He’s never gone hunting before. I just pray he’ll come home safe.

saffrons rule duck hunting

September 1, 1964, Tuesday


September 2, 1964, Wednesday


September 3, 1964, Thursday

Sick, went to the Doctor’s today, but he couldn’t do anything for me. I’m in terrible pain.

saffrons rule doctor

September 4, 1964, Friday


September 5, 1964, Saturday


September 6, Sunday

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