Westchester Surfers think they’re God’s gift to Women!!!


October 14, 1964, Wednesday. Jack has changed! (Dr. Martin Luther King awarded Nobel Peace Prize.)

After school I came home and went swimming with my sister Donna and her friend Linda Klein. I did my hair. Some boy’s called Donna, saying, they were calling a Saffron to see if the Pledge would say their speeches when they answered the phone. It was Vic Stevens. Donna use to like him. She couldn’t believe it! Saturday is The Backwards Dance. I have nobody to ask. Sandy wants to go with Jack, but, doesn’t have the nerve to call him. I decided to call him for the last time. He said he didn’t call me because he didn’t get Bill’s number (which was the excuse I gave him last time I called.) And, he thought the party as last weekend. He sure acts conceited. He says he’s got girlfriends all over!! ….. I did my hair and ruined it! It turned out orange and I had to redo it three times until it finally turned out.


saffrons rule conceited guy

All the Westchester guys I like are so conceited… because they’re the cream of the crop and all the girl’s want them too, of course.  Luckily I can take my mind of them, because maintaining my hair is such a full time job, especially now that we have a chlorine pool.  


saffrons rule bleach hair

It was terrible the way I over-processed my hair until it was the texture of cotton candy.  I had to use the best protein conditioner with a plastic bag on my head and sit under the dryer for an hour, until it regained the texture of real hair.  Sometimes this job took all night… bleaching and rebleaching, until 2:00 in the morning.  



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