If Culver City High’s Football Team wins next week, we’ll be in the LEAGUE! (Be True To Your School… Beach Boys)

November 6, 1964. Friday Went to the Football game with Sandy, Dianne, Pearl, Edna and Cheryl Nickles. We played at Morningside. We won 14-7. We’ve won every game so far. Next week if we win, we’ll be in the League! After the game we went to Fosters. It was packed. Pearl and I have to find somebody to take to the Saffron Pledge party, so we won’t have to pay $5.00.  Dale Hansmen tried to apologize to me for telling Marilyn and starting a fight between us, but she wouldn’t let him talk to me. Doug Thompson asked me, who I was taking to the party, I said do you want to go, but, he said he had a date. We cruised up to Tiny Nailor’s in Westchester, but nobody was there.

Beach Boys – Be True To Your School

saffrons rule football programs   Culver City High School, “Centaurs” plays the best High Schools on the West Side of Los Angeles and usually win.  They’re the BEST!!!!    I love the Beach Boy song, “Be True To Your School.”


saffrons rule football games

saffrons rule Pearl Peskin Pearl and I don’t have Steady boyfriends, so we have to try and find some boy’s to take to the Saffron Pledge party tomorrow night.  We refuse to be humiliated by not having dates and adding insult to injury, having to pay for it. saffrons rule Sandy BlockSandy is going with her good friend Monty, so she doesn’t have to pay $5.00.  She still likes Jack and Richard C. but it’s too embarrassing to ask them, since their not dating right now. Saffrons Rule Edna Phipps Edna may just pay the $5.00 and be done with it.  She and Linda G. hang out all the time and she may decide to take her.  Edna doesn’t stress about boys the way Pearl, Sandy and I do.   Be sure to cruise over to my Maybelline Book Blog at http://www.maybellinebook.com/

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Sharrie Williams is the author of The Maybelline Story and a direct descendant of the Maybelline Cosmetic Family. Great niece of Maybelline founder Tom Lyle Williams. Buy a signed copy today.
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