Working for $1.25 an hour only to get a ticket from Cops who want my phone number.


November 7, 1964, Saturday.

Forgot to tell you, yesterday my sister Donna left my car radio on all day and after school the battery was dead. The school had to recharge it, but it died when I turned it off. Sandy, Dianne and I started work today at Jack’s Ranch Market. We take the grocery’s out of the baskets. We worked 6 hours today, standing on our feet the whole time. When I came home I got dressed and Pearl picked me up. We went to Hermosa Beach and met two boys and asked if they would come to the Saffron party with us. On the way we got a ticket. The Police made us line up against the fence, because we had beer in the car. We weren’t drinking, but the boys were. The Police made one boy open the beer with his teeth and pour it out, then asked Pearl and me for our numbers. Pearl gave a false name. We got to the Saffron party at 11:00 and it was over, but Angie Kamola made us stay for a half hour and eat.

saffrons rule shopping cart

Standing on my feet emptying baskets for 6 hours at $1.25 an hour, I made $7.50, but with withholding tax etc, I probably made $7.00 …and have to do it again tomorrow!  

saffrons rule cop


It wasn’t bad enough standing on my feet all day for $7.00, but getting a big fat ticket will cost that much if not more, and all of this just so I didn’t have to pay $5.00 for not having a date to take to the Saffron Pledge party

saffrons rule sharrie liscense 001


Having to give my drivers license to the Cop and have him run it was very upsetting.  But the fact he liked my picture and wanted to call me was even worse.

November 8, 1964, Sunday.

My sister Donna didn’t come home last night. My mom called the Police Station and Jeff and Linda K. at 4:00 in the morning. Donna stayed at Linda K. and never called home. I had to go to work again today!!! But after, went to Pearls, then Sandy’s.


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