Cruised the Revelaire Club in Redondo Beach to check out the Crossfires band and Mark Volman


October 2, 1964, Friday.

Tonight didn’t go to Culver’s football game, instead, Pearl, Sandy and I went to Westchester’s game, then cruised Toes in Playa del Rey.  Westchester won University (Uni) 14 – 7, we won Lennox, 7 – 0. After the game all the kids went to Tiny Nailor’s in Westchester, so we did too. We saw Howard with 5 guys in the car turning the corner. He saw us too. He yelled something that sounded something like “park the that car.” I don’t know if he knew it was me or not. He wasn’t at Tiny Naylor’s, but we did see Jack. Sandy didn’t want to talk to him so we ate inside. We cruised some parties in Hermosa Beach, but, no good, so we left and drove to Redondo Beach, to the Revelaire Club to see the Crossfires, but there were no cute boys, so just drove around and wound up at Fosters in Culver City.

saffrons rule the Crossfires_KICKS

The Crossfires, were a Southern California Surf instrumental Band, (who eventually became, The Turtles.)  They were the house band at the Revelaire Club in Redondo Beach,  and  friends with Howard Gertz and Byron Ferguson, (the guy I liked who was the drummer in the Marauders.) The Crossfires did skits, wore costumes and performed flamboyant rhythm and blues songs with gritty saxophone to go along with the surf instrumentals in its repertoire. Its leaders were Mark Volman,  (Howard”s good friend) and Howard Kaylan

saffrons rule revelaire club

The Revelaire Club, was a place for teenagers to congregate and enjoy live music.  Here are some songs done by the Crossfires before becoming the Turtles.  

The Crossfires Silver Bullet (Live Rare)

Fiberglass Jungle (The Crossfires), Diamond Head (The Ventures), Pipeline (The Chantays).

The Crossfires – One Potato Two Potato.wm

The Turtles – It Ain’t Me Babe (Shindig – Sep 30, 1965)

saffrons rule 57 chevy 4

Cruisin with the Saffrons in my 57 Chevy


saffrons rule surfer cards


Saffrons rule surfers card

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