At Culver High in 1964, my hair had to be perfect, just in case I might run into a cute boy.

January 18, 1964 Horrible wet day….I still love Howard.

Sheila called at nine o’clock in the morning. I was so tired, but got up and dressed to go with her in her pick-up truck. Jackie, Debby Correo, Sheila and I sat in front and Dave, Terry and Ed Correo sat in the back. Went to Topanga Canyon to dump trash, when it started to rain. All the kids in the back of the truck got soaked. Everyone traded places, but me. I refused get wet. Ate lunch, then got lost on the way home. Wound up in Seminole Hot Springs (in the Santa Monica Hills.) Got sick driving around curves. Reached the ocean and finally got home about 4:00. Washed my hair. Asked mom if Howard really called and she told me Daddy answered the phone and asked if it was Ernie and the boy said it was Howard. If it was really Ernie, I swear I’ll hate him forever. I’d give anything to have it be Howard. 


This gives you an idea of what I spent a lot of time on, rather than doing my homework.  Setting my hair with a mudpack on my face while listening to PLEASE MR. POSTMAN, by the Marvelettes

Side note:  I can’t believe I refused to get my hair wet, when I was going to wash after I got home.  What a brat.  Will Howard call me, find out tomorrow.  If he does, I will be ready with perfect hair.

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3 Responses to At Culver High in 1964, my hair had to be perfect, just in case I might run into a cute boy.

  1. jan says:

    I wore soup cans for curlers with HUGE bobbypins and I hit my head on the roof of a car while getting into it, with the curlers on….I don’t remember why I wore them outside?? lol

    • saffronsrule says:

      Some of my friends wore orange juice cans. I was fine with my extra big curlers. Slept in them, in fact couldn’t sleep will without them, once I stopped wearing them. Hair was such a big part of our lives. Thus the play, HAIR that came out a few years after I graduated from High School. I still hate having bad hair days.

  2. jan says:

    I am thankful to have experienced the hippie times…Fashion was easy….ripped clothes were the best..patches all over your jeans, …the more the cooler…Hair could be out of control…. it was all good…..I can still smell the leather, suede, and strawberry incense in my hair today!!

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