So he say’s “What do I have to do, buy you a $10,000 ring!”

March 1, 1964, Sunday. Howard lies, and he still hasn’t told me he loves me. I haven’t told him either.

Had to sleep on the couch, because Teri slept over. Drove her to Church. On the way, saw Marilyn. She got our Saffron sweatshirts. Went out to lunch at Woodies. Teri made a fool of herself. She wouldn’t come in because she looked weird. Told Marilyn I’m going with Howard. She was so happy. Last night I told him of all the girls who tell me they know him. He asked me if I told them I was going with him? I said, No. He said, “what do I have to do, buy you a $10,000 ring.” I said, “no, $20,000, I like expensive things. He said to tell everyone we’re going together. Went to the beach. Saw Dave Kendal and Mike… Said they saw Howard driving around with Phil S… Told Lauri, Bonnie and Pearl about us going together. They can’t understand why he lied about that house. He hasn’t told me he loves me.  Dave Kendal sure is cute and a good surfer too.

saffrons rule ring

I just wanted to hear the words, Will you be my girl, or Will you go steady with me.  He just couldn’t say it out loud.

Supremes Baby Love

So I get it, He wanted me to commit by having sex and I wanted him to commit by giving me a verbal, I love you will you be my girl.  Neither of us could do it, so the constant breakup and trying over and over again to make it work. Just too young to get serious.

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