Without Hair Spray, my life came to a screeching halt in 1964

April 16, 1964, Thursday. Going to Friar’s Friday with Doug C., than to surf films and a dance. Saturday I’m going to Mc Goo’s and to the show with Dave K.

Was so ugly today at school. I didn’t have any hairspray!! My hair completely fell in gym, because I washed it last night. So, by lunchtime I couldn’t stand it. Everyone pulled down my hair and I had to go to two classes looking like a Lion or Hazel the Witch. In fact, Mrs. Ship marked me absent because she didn’t recognize me. After school I laid out in the sun. Doug called and said I was probably pregnant from all the things Howard was saying about me. I hate Howard for saying such lies. I never did anything with him but make-out in the back of his car in the drive-in. Went shopping with Lauri, we ran out of gas. So embarrassed. Two boys helped us. Got home about 9:30. Dave called, he’s picking me up at 5:30 Saturday. Doug called, he’s picking me up at 6:30 Friday. Is it possible Howard is getting even with me for going out with his friends?

(Funny how I was strict about the “Girl Code,” of never going out with your best friends ex-boyfriends.  But, I most definitely didn’t follow the “Guy Code,” when it came to going out with my ex-boyfriend’s best friends.)

safrons rule hairspray

When my mother wanted to punish me for something she was mad at me about, she took away my hairspray.  That was her way of grounding me.  It was the worst possible thing she could do when I was 16.

Saffrons rule hair spray 2

You couldn’t do this hairdo, without half a can of hairspray.

saffrons rule hair spray 3

And, you certainly couldn’t look like this without your Aqua Net.

saffrons rule  vintage_hairspray-ad

And forget going out on a date without a ready supply of Hair Spray. You obviously couldn’t make-out in the back seat and come home looking as perfect as when you left without it… No Hair Spray, no dating!  Thanks Mom!

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