How could one of my best friends go after my guy!

April 24, 1964, Friday. Bitchen night – Sandy Block, Jack, Dave K. and I are doubling.

Told everyone about needing to get a date for Jack and everyone wanted to go. After school I went home. Doug didn’t call, so I wasn’t sure if he was going to come over. Dave called, he was at Jack’s with about 20 guys. Doug wasn’t here by 8:00, so I went to Sports Night and only Marilyn, Sandy and Dianne were there.  Marilyn Collier and I went to check out the guys at Jacks house. There were so many guys there!!!  and they didn’t want us to leave. Dave and I, went to the store with Marilyn and some guy. I let Dave drive my bitchen 57 Chevy, but it kept dying. Marilyn and I left the party, but came back with Sandy and Dianne. We walked in to music blasting and danced all night long. Marilyn kept flirting with Dave. She knows I like him, but it doesn’t stop her.  

saffrons rule flirt

I felt like I was the matchmaker watching Dave K. scope in on my friend Marilyn. I guess I was just the hook-up for all my Saffron friends to meet the bitchen West Side Surfers.

Saffrons Rule,,Ann-Margret_NRFPT_02

I knew Marilyn was very “Ann Margret,” sexy and flirty,

saffrons rule flirt 2

but I expected her to honor the boyfriend code,

saffrons rule flirt 3

not corner Dave and let him know she was available.

I had all the cute girl connections and all the bitchen surfer connections.  Too bad I couldn’t have started a dating service like  The sad part about being so popular was, my girlfriends liked all my boyfriends and my boyfriends liked all my girlfriends.  leaving me to pursue my acting career I suppose.

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