I was disqualified as a contestant in the Miss Culver City Contest

August 1, 1964, Heartbreaking night, I was disqualified and Sandy Block Won!!!

Tonight was the Queen’s Coronation. I went with Dave Kendal and we doubled with his friend, Sandy and Timmie. The whole night started of wrong. I made Dave wait a half hour before I was ready, than we couldn’t find the tickets. When we got to the Sheraton Hotel Dave didn’t want to stay all night. Everyone looked so beautiful and I got so many complements from everyone. I was so nervous. Then they announced the winner. It was Sandy Block and Nina Corera. I Knew all along. But the shock of the night was when it was announced that I was disqualified for being a professional actress, because I had auditioned at MGM and was possibly going to be in Room 222. Dave almost pulled me out of the Ball. He was terrible. I wish I didn’t go with him. I was so sad we left. We just went to my house and I changed into capris while the three of them drank beer. I hated Dave! We went to get Crappy Hamburgers, while all the others girls were going out to dinner. We came home and played sad records until 2:00 in the morning. Dave fell asleep. I wanted to cry, but I had no feelings at all. Mom and Dad were sad too, they felt the judging was unfair. Dave and his friend’s date were making out on the chair in my living room, making it a perfect ending to a terrible day.  

saffrons rule black dress

It was so humiliating to be disqualified right before they announced the winner.  My parents always felt that Sandy’s mother, who was very involved in Culver City politics instigated the rumor that I was a professional actress so her daughter would win.    

Sharrie miss culver city contest 003

Between Sandy winning and me being disqualified publicly, Dave making out with another girl right in front of me… at my own house! And Byron asking another girl to go steady I was crushed for the rest of the Summer of 64.

saffrons rule broken heart Carl Hjermind

It was supposed to be the perfect Summer, me and Byron spending it together enjoying the sun, surf and the moonlight, now it’s shattered, Byron broke my heart and is going steady with another girl.  My Summer is ruined and I just want to cry! (by Carl Hjermind)

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