Obsessed with sewing wrap-around skirts, on my Mom’s new Singer Sewing Machine


September 9, 1964, Wednesday. Went to the show.

Cut out one of my skirts, an orange jean material, wrap-around, than laid out in the sun until 3:00 and went back and worked on the skirt. Doctor Jenson, came over and massaged my neck and really touched off my nerves. I took my sister Donna and her friend Linda K. to get some hair stuff, than went to Fosters. Pearl P. and Dianne B. were there. They were going to the show, so they followed me home so I could drop off my car and go with them. We saw “The New Interns.” So bitchen! Than we drove around, saw some cute boys who told us Mark Escovar was having a party. But it was too late and Dianne had to be home by 12:30, so we just went home.

saffrons rule the new interns
Two years after the success of The Interns (1962) came this follow-up tale of medical interns during their first year working in a hospital. 



September 10, 1964, Thursday.

Stayed home all day and finished my skirt and started making a new one. This time it’s a pink jean material straight skirt. I’m actually good at making clothes from a McCalls Simplicity patterns, using mom’s Singer Sewing Machine.


saffrons rule wrap skirt

Wrap-Around skirt was so easy to make and very popular to wear in 1964

saffrons rule straight skirt


I love that more than one pattern was included.  I made the easy straight-skirt pattern in this one.

saffrons rule singer sewing maching

 My mom bought this new Singer Sewing Machine, because she was an excellent seamstress and since most of my friends had one, she thought Donna and should learn to sew as well. Soon I was creating my own designs, by taking apart clothes at the seams and using them as patterns.

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