UCLA’s Fraternity Row was the place to be seen in the Fall of 1964

September 11, 1964. Friday Pearl and I have our own apartment for a week.

Went shopping with Pearl, my sister Donna and her friend Teri Thompson and my little brother Preston. Grandaddy gave us each $20.00 to lay away stuff. I got 4 blouses… Afterwards, Pearl and I went to look at Nana’s apartment and fell in love with it…it’s soooo cute… cant wait to move in. We picked up my car, washed it, moved into the apartment at 3:30, got dressed and went to UCLA fraternity parties. Sooo Great!!! So many boys… Pearl and I felt like Queens. Every boy there liked us, but they thought I was a SNOB! They became bugs after a while, but it was fun. We left and walked up and down Fraternity Row. Boy’s followed us all over, they got pretty rude. I couldn’t find anyone for me. We left and went shopping. I did my hair at 3:00 am and didn’t get to bed until 5:00. Tomorrow night is party night on Fraternity Row.

saffrons rule letter from NanaNana was gone for a week and let Pearl and I have her adorable apartment.  She left us this note, which I will treasure forever.  

saffrons rule UCLA Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity house Westwood

Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity House, Westwood near UCLA

Saffrons rule fraternity row 1971 Sigma Delta

The Frat-Boys at UCLA

saffrons rule UCLA


saffrons rule UCLA

Being a Senior Saffron in High School now, meant scouring LA for College boys.  We were no longer interested in Culver or Westchester High School boys… so UCLA, became the place to be seen in the Fall of 1964.

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