New batch of Saffron Hopefulls receive hand delivered invitations to join

 September 16, Wednesday. Delivered the Saffron Invitations

I didn’t think I’d make it through school today, because I was so sick and tired, from no sleep.  Luckily, we haven’t got any homework yet. It was a Jewish Holiday today, so Sandy, Dianne and Pearl weren’t at school. I went back to Nana’s apartment after school and slept until 6:30… Mom and Dad brought the kids over, but, I had to leave, because tonight the Saffrons deliver the invitations to the tea. It was so fun!. Pearl, Sandy and I, delivered invitations to seven girls. They were so happy and I know just how they feel, because I’ll never forget when it happened to me. Pearl and I went to Tito’s Taco’s so she could eat, then came back to the apartment. Sandy, Dianne and Jaynee were there playing with my little sister and brother. We all went to Fosters, than took Linda Klien her invitation. I took the kids home and mom told me the manager of the apartment called her to complain about all the noise.

Saffrons rule tea-time-invitation-printable-file

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