Being asked to do the most humiliating things during Saffrons Hell Week was Tradition


October 1, 1964, Thursday.

The Jaketts tried to be halfway friendly today. We couldn’t pledge the girls, Marilyn Collier, President, said, but we did anyway. Marilyn looked so sloppy today, actually everyday, but, today topped it them all. She looked so cheap! Everybody notices it too. After school there was a meeting to decide the pledge rules. We’re making them wear red lipstick, long skirts and socks. They also have to carry a lunch pail, instead of a purse and a necklace make of safety pins. Their hair has to look perfect all week, but they can’t wear eye makeup or have their hair pulled back. I was so tired tonight I went to bed at 6:00

saffrons rule hell weekHell week had been so miserable for me and I felt bad my sister Donna and her friends were in for torture now they were accepted into Saffrons.  But Tradition was Tradition!!
saffrons rule hell week 3For a whole week before Hell Night, a new Saffron Pledge was expected to do anything a Senior or Junior Saffron asked of them.  If they were asked to get on their knees and tie someones shoes, they had to drop on the spot and honor the request.  It was embarrassing for them to look ugly for a week or be picked up and driven to some popular boy’s house and forced to knock on the door to ask him out.  Some people wanted to quit, but never did.


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