It was the girls who forced the Lost Boys to leave Wonderland and grow up


October 8, 1964, Jack didn’t call.

Talked about Jack all day with Sandy. She was going to come over and talk to him when he calls, but she had to go to work. He didn’t call anyway, so Pearl came over at 9:00 and we got out of the house and drove to Westchester. Jack wasn’t home. Nobody was at the “Trees,” or Toes, not even Tiny’s. I figure they must all be at the drive-in drinking. That’s where they went last year. We went to Fosters and Roberts, then came home and ate chicken. Pearl looked so satisfied when she ate the chicken…She was humming.

saffrons rule drinking at the drive inGuy’s just want to get drunk with their buddies and talk about girls.
saffrons rule cruising guysGirls just want to cruise around with their friends looking for guys.

Back in school after a long hot Summer, meant getting on the dating circuit again.  Guys didn’t have money, or even really want to start dating again.   It was the girls who got a guy all worked up, so he’d make the first move and ask her out. I feel sorry for the young Peter Pan, who had to leave Wonderland and and the Lost Boys, to become a responsible, mature man. Some never did.

Here are questions Sandy wants me to ask Jack when he calls me.

1. Is he going Steady

2. If not who has he been going out with.

3. If he is, just hang up.

4. What’s happening this weekend any parties, (remember, Sat we won’t be here! ) Ask him to call you if there any, especially at his house.

5.  Ask them to come swimming at your house Sunday.

6. Gradually get to what happened between us.  (this is a touchy part, handle with care!!!)

7.  Tell him about Phil and Pat Dueanon.  Tell him how we talk to her and tell him she really likes him.  (Although Phil wouldn’t do the same for me.)

8.  Ask if he said anything to Doug?

9.  If he says he just likes me as a friend, forget it!!! (I know he’s going to say that.)

10.  If you get Jack and I back, I’ll call Dave, ok?

11. Something tells me this won’t work and if it does we’re going to end up hating them.

I’m telling my mom I’m going to the library.  But, she knows it closes at 9:00.  I hope she goes out.  I’ll be there though. If not, call me as soon as you’re through and tell me the bad news so I can get him out of my head.

Thanks, Sandy (“Twinkle Toes”)  

(Twinkle Toes was Sandy’s Saffron name.)

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