with our new pool, our house became known as Grand Central Station!


October 11, 1964, Sunday.

Went in the pool as soon as I got up. Sandy and Dianne came over, but left to get their bathing suits. I laid in the sun all day. Pearl came over and went swimming. They couldn’t believe how shallow it is. Sandy came back and went swimming too. Jill Perkins was here, than Mary and Granddaddy came over, but Mary never wants to stay, so they left. Pearl, Sandy, Dianne and I drove to Toes and Hermosa Beach. Checked out the Fosters down there. We saw a little kid smoking. Picked up Donna at Teri’s and came home. Nana and some lady were here, so I just did homework. The Backwards dance is next week, I guess I’m not going. Nobody to ask, Jack never called back and I lost his number.

saffrons rule pool 2 001

There was never a day that people didn’t call or even just knock on the door uninvited.  My parents were party people and loved to get the cocktails flowing, burgers on the grill and music blasting.   Their parties often continued all weekend and my friends called our house Grand Central Station, because people were constantly coming and going.  Here is my mother, Pauline Williams, so proud of our new pool.


saffrons rule pool 3 001

My little sister and brother, Billee and Preston, my sister Donna with our dog Pepsi and Jill Perkins and my mom, out by the pool.


saffrons rule pool 3


My dad, Bill Williams with Pepsi in a little boat.  My dad doesn’t look too excited about the new pool!!!

Saffrons rule pool nanaNana at 63, still looked amazing in a bathing suit, and though she never allowed sun on her face, she’d often came over just to use the Jacuzzi and of course enjoy the parties.

saffrons rule grandaddy and mary

My step-grandmother Mary and Granddaddy, who at 73 and 69, were newlyweds and he still had his big position at MGM.  Mary wasn’t comfortable around all the drinking, loud music and crowds of people, so she’d always say, “it’s time to go Andy,” and they’d just leave.


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