Trying to stand up on my sister’s Mozelle surfboard in the pool, was a real challange


October 12, 1964, Monday. Went in our new pool.

A lot of kids were mad or surprised when I showed up in school today with my real hair. No more wig! Some actually think I dyed it back blond and pinned my cut-off ponytail back on. After school came home. I really swam for the first time in the pool. It’s so tough! (meaning bitchen!!) It was clear and warm. It’s small, but I’m getting use to it. We put Donna’s surfboard in the pool and I tried to stand up on it. After that I fell asleep, but, got up to do my homework. I can’t understand why Jack hasn’t called back. Maybe he doesn’t have my number or is too busy. Wonder if he has a girlfriend.

saffrons rule pool rulesNot a lot of people had pools in 1964, so naturally our pool became very popular. It was small, but since it was heated all year, it was actually more fun than a diving pool.  I used to take a hot Jacuzzi, than jump in the exercise pool, swim back and forth, then get back in the Jacuzzi until I was so relaxed I’d have to take a nap, or fall asleep in the sun.

saffrons rule pool surfboardMy sister got a surfboard for her Birthday this year and everyone wanted to see if they could stand up on it.  She could do it of course, 

saffrons rule pool boardbut, I always laughed so hard, I couldn’t keep my balance and splashed into the water.  We really had so much fun with that board and the whole family loved playing together in the pool.

Saffrons rule pool donna

My beautiful, surfer girl sister, Donna, got stuck having to always clean the pool.  It was her job and she didn’t like it at all.  I guess my dad wanted her to have a chore, so that was it.



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