Strict rules at Culver City High School in 1964 almost disbanded Saffrons


October 20, 1964, Tuesday.

Mr. Scott came to our Saffron meeting. He didn’t disband us, but he said he would if we did anything bad again. We had to have papers taken home to be signed by our parents. After the meeting we took some pledges and drove to Toes. Only Gary was there. He said, he didn’t get all the guys to come over, because he didn’t think we were coming. We drove to Tiny Nailor’s, but nobody was there so we went home.

saffrons rule strict rules

saffrons rule vice principle mr scott 001

All that drama and stess, just because we had our Pledges lip-synch “Baby Love,”  on the Senior Lawn during lunch.  Once, Mr. Scott had my mom come pick me up from school, because I was wearing a bright orange bikini under my clothes.   It turns out my gym teacher thought I was going to ditch school at lunch and go to the beach.  I was going to the beach, but not until after school.  

saffrons rule fashion

Culver High School had a very strict dress code in 1964, but by 1967, when fashion got the upper hand, every girl wore mini skirts.  I wonder how Mr Scott handled the radical changes coming to Culver City by the 1970’s. 


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saffrons rule vice principle mr scott


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