Lip-Synching during lunch at Culver City High School was considered inciting a riot in 1964


October 19, 1964, Monday. Saffrons Club is in real trouble!

Hot miserable day. Stayed on campus and got in real trouble when they played records over the loud speakers at lunch. We made a couple of Pledges get out and lip-sinch, causing the whole school to gather around to see what was happening. Mr. Scott the Vice Principle broke it up and took Geri and Sharron to the office. He said they were causing a riot. The girls were so bitchen! They didn’t admit that they were pledging, which isn’t allowed at school. But, then Marilyn, President of Saffrons, screwed up their story and now the club is in bad trouble. Wait until tomorrow at the meeting!!!  I came home and Sandy and Dianne came over to swim. I called Nana, but she wouldn’t forgive Mom for taking the sewing machine and the War between them is getting worse. Neither she or Mom will apologize to each other.

saffrons rule lip synching

We all loved lip-synching “Baby Love,” by the Supremes, but, never in public, especially not at school.  There were rules about drawing a crowd, especially in 1964, when riots were front page news.  It seems silly to think a few girls lip-synching during lunch would be so bad, but it was possible Saffrons could be disbanded if we incited trouble on campus.

The Supremes – Baby Love

saffrons rule mom and nana fightingTalk about riots and War!  Nana and my Mom barely tolerated each other for as long as I can remember.  Sometimes Nana would also get in a big fight with my dad, her only son, and I’d always have to go in as the peace maker, delivering messages back and forth between them.  I’d usually get them back together by saying nice things, like, “you know daddy is so sorry and loves you very much Nana.”   or, “Mommy told me she’s sorry.”   It worked because eventually they’d all want the fight to end, but, in reality,  the battle never ended until they all died.

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