Had to go to MGM Studio and borrow $2.00 from Granddaddy for gas and a show


November 10, 1964, Tuesday.

It was a crummy day. It rained so hard we had to stay on campus for lunch. After school my sister Donna and I went to Pearls, then I had to meet granddaddy at the gate at MGM Studio to get $2.00 for gas and a show. Mom was in such a terrible mood she wouldn’t come out of her room, or give me any money. Went back to Pearls and ate over. Then we picked up Sandy and went to the show. Saw Viva Las Vegas and The Unsinkable Molly Brown. They were so bitchen!! We saw Phil, but nobody else was there. After that, we drove to UCLA, then back to to Tiny Nailor’s in Westchester. Bob was there so were these two guys we took to a party.


saffrons rule ann margret

I thought my friend Marilyn C. reminded me of Ann Margret in this movie.

Ann Margret – “Viva Las Vegas” – Hottest Dance Scene,


saffrons rule molly brown

The Unsinkable Molly Brown

When I saw Debbie Reynolds as Molly Brown I knew I was going to be just like her.  I loved her unsinkable Spirit and her drive to overcome and succeed no matter what life dished out. She was an inspiration to me.


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