Got my first paycheck for $12.40…don’t think I can keep this up much longer it’s too hard


November 14, 1964, Saturday

Went to work at Jacks Ranch Market, emptying shopping carts as customers checkout. I let Pearl take my car and pick me up. We decided not to go to the audition, because it could just be a waste of our time. I got my first paycheck, $12.40…… Pearl and I went to a audition for The Sound of Music. I had to sing, “I Enjoy Being a Girl.” There was a lot of competition and I don’t think I got the part of the 16 year old girl. I really can’t take the part anyway, because I’ve got to work on the school play…. We went out to eat, then went back to Pearl’s house and did homework all night. I seem to feel so discouraged and sad tonight, just tired from working, I guess.


Disney- I Enjoy Being A Girl

Sharrie National Thesbian Club 1965 -2

I love the song, “I Enjoy Being a Girl” because I am so girly myself.  I really love the words….. “When I have a brand new hairdo and my eyelashes all in curl, I float like the clouds on air do, I enjoy being a girl. I flip when a fella sends me flowers, I drool over dresses made of lace, I sit on the telephone for hours, with a pound and a half of cream on my face. I’m strictly a female female, and my future I hope will be, in the home of a brave and free male, who enjoys being a guy having a girl like me.


November 15, 1964, Sunday. 

I don’t think I can take this working at Jacks Ranch Market much longer. Having to get up at 8:00 every weekend and stand on my feet all day is too hard. I slept at Pearl’s, but left for work before she was up. Got to Sandy’s and Dianne’s, but they were still sleeping, so we were an hour late for work, but we stayed and made it up. After work I went back to Pearl’s and fell asleep. We did homework and I finished the book, “The Status Seekers.” I’ve been reading it all weekend because a book report is due tomorrow. I stayed all night again.

saffrons rule the status seekers

The Status Seekers, shows that the craving for status and acceptance simply doesn’t change. The book was published in 1949, but still apply’s in 1964.  I think after reading this book, it makes me sad I’m working at a market every weekend for $1.25 an hour.  

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