Hell Night was Hell and I’m having second thoughts about being a Saffron now!


November 28, 1964, Saturday. Saffron Hell Night and Torture!

Tonight was really Hell! First of all I had to give up going to the dance in Westchester where the Crossfires were playing. Then I lost my purse!! I don’t know where, but I’ve lost everything!!! I’m just sick about it!! Then, confusion really started. The Pledges had to wear 75 pieces of clothes and strip down in front us us. They had to step on live snails, worms, fish and bugs. I almost went crazy watching it. They cried!!! Then, we bombed them with eggs and flour and goup. We hosed them off and went to another house to stay all night. It was too small, so we went to somebody else’s house. We took the kids in for an interview. We wanted to kick Debby K. and Carol G. out. They all cried. Sandy hurt Mrs. Quartes feelings, then we all started crying. The whole night was torture for everyone. Plus I had to sleep on a chair.

November 29, 1964, Sunday.

We got about a half hour sleep. We got up at 6:00 and all went out to breakfast at the Pancake House. I went home and slept until 3:00. The club was really mean to my sister Donna. When I got up Mommy really had a fit because someone stole Donna’s new $15.00 capris that she can’t find. She won’t stop yelling until we get them back. She called everyone and even went to their houses. The whole night was pure tortuous HELL!! I hated every second of it. I feel lost without my purse. The whole club stink’s now to me. I wish I had a boyfriend, so I wouldn’t need the dumb club.

saffrons rule sharrie and donna 002

My sister Donna and I are now both Saffrons, but she already doesn’t want to be in the club of “Mean Girls.”  I’m getting pretty sick of it myself at this point.  I hope I feel better about it after the smoke clears from Hell Night.  My mom is really upset about someone stealing Donna’s new Capri’s, but I think she just misplaced them.  Nobody would actually take them.  Losing my purse is the worst part, because I carry everything of importance in it and I’m lost without it.


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