Cried myself to sleep listening to Roy Orbinson singing, “Crying.”

February 17, 1964, Monday, (Howard doesn’t like me anymore.)

Went to school, so sad, I don’t think he likes me anymore. He hasn’t called. Went to Nana’s house this morning cause I was late to school. Stayed till 10:00, than drive to the beach. He wasn’t there. So, went to school. Got in new classes. Flunked History and bookkeeping. I’ve done so bad in school cause I’m always sick. Was great to see all my friends. Went in for cheer tryouts after school with Bonnie C. and Angie C.  All the clods were there. Went to Foster’s. Mom and Donna pulled in with a T. Bird Daddy bought. I was so happy. It’s Gray with red insides, (1960.) I drove with Lauri G. to Westchester. Ernie doesn’t work at the store anymore. He moved to Huntington Beach. Cried listening to sad records, because he didn’t call. 

Sharrie, 64

Sharrie with her Dad’s new T-Bird

My favorite song to cry to.  Roy Orbinson, Crying

1964 meaning of the word Clod: Uncool  person.

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