Guess I must be the only prude in the crowd. Guess that’s why Howard doesn’t like me

February 19, 1964, Wednesday, Scared day. I guess we’re through again. Went to the beach. I still love him.

Drove to school. When I got there I got the shock of my life. Bonnie told me Laurie Chudnoff’s dad committed suicide. I couldn’t believe it. I knew him since the 5th grade. Everyday it’s something worse. I was so sad all day. Saw Sheila after school. She looked great. Bonnie, Angie and I drove to Howard’s house and examined it. He still Hasn’t called.

February 20, 1964, Thursday, Shocked day. Howard still hasn’t called

Drove to school, (boring day.) After school went to Sheila’s house. She looked great. Had a little stomach. We talked about everything. Her baby is due in July. She’s not going to marry Steve. She’s going to have the baby, then give it up. She’ll come back to school next year. She said she wasn’t drunk when she did it. She did it only once and got pregnant. She say’s Marilyn does it all the time. I can’t believe it. Not Marilyn. She said she could name 7 girls in our crowd who have been to the doctor. I guess I must be the only prude in the crowd. Guess that’s why Howard doesn’t like me. He can’t get enough of me. Left. Went to Pearl’s. She and Jackie are ditching tomorrow and going to the beach. Washed my hair.

Saffrons rule pregnant

Beach Boys, Wouldn’t it Be Nice.

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