I’m Taking Diet Pills to be in The Miss Culver City Beauty Contest

July 9, 1964, Thursday. Well at least Byron hasn’t called Sandy.

I had my picture taken for the paper. I’m in the Miss Culver City Contest. Pictures came out good. Went to interview for a TV Show. The agent liked me but wants me to do my hair one color and lighten my makeup. Once I do that, she will see me again. I’ll be used on TV commercials. I went to the Doctors today and he gave me diet pills to lose weight, I have to lose 10 lbs. I can’t wait. The pills he gave me for my sickness have made me gain this weight and I can’t control my appetite. I went shopping and all the guys whistled and asked if my hair was real. I went to Sandy’s and Bob Fortenberry and Gary Mc Clure were there. Bob told me I acted too sophisticated and I’m a Snob. We chopped each other all night. He acts like a nut. We had fun. He says I look like a two toned horse because of my hair.

Sharrie miss culver city contest

I’m in the Miss Culver City Beauty Contest. Top row fourth girl. My friend Sandy Block is next to me.

saffrons rule sharrie

 I’m worried the guy I like, Byron Ferguson, is going to ask her out before me, because he thinks he has to have a new car to impress me.  I guess I’m  just too sophisticated and snobby for High School guys.

A scary article in the newspaper today… United Airlines flight 823 crashed and killed 39 people…  I started having anxiety about flying. 

Saffrons rule Dexedrine

The Doctor gave me Dexedrine, an amphetamine and very addictive, (because you have to keep taking more to make it work.) I was beginning a prescription drug addiction without even realizing it….  Diet Pills, Valium, Sleeping Pills and Ortho-Novum for my sickness, (which was really Birth Control Pills, but I wasn’t aware of it at the time.)…  All having side effects and giving me an eating disorder.

The effects of Dexedrine are well-documented and insidious. They include a sense of euphoria, while reducing appetite and giving the sensation of having more energy. This was the key marketing ploy used by the pharmaceutical companies; they claimed you could not be hungry and still have energy — more than ever — to meet the needs of the day. Of course, that was true, but it came at the expense of the users’ heart and nervous system. Additionally, and ironically, Dexedrine had the effect of making users more self-conscious and more prone toward anxiety.

Read more: http://www.ehow.com/about_5187769_dangers-dexedrine_.html#ixzz2ruj9vB25

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