Howard’s car looked so bitchen. It’s on a rake, with head rests, new hub caps and a vibronsonic radio.

March 3, 1964, Tuesday. Don’t think we’re using Lou’s Band.  What am I going to tell Howard.  Saffron Club Picture Night.

Drove to school.  So windy I could hardly stand up.  Had subs in most classes.  After school came home, set my hair and went cruising.  “It was too GREAT!”  First we went to Howard’s house.  His car was there it looked so bitchen.  It’s on a rake, (“Rake” is when your front end is lower than your back end. Makes the car look “fast.”)  with head rests, new hub caps and a vibransonic radio.  We were going to leave a note in it.  Then we tried to find Lou’s house.  We drove around in a circle and wound up at Howard’s again. We drove through a dozen streets, but couldn’t figure it out.  Finally after an hour, we went to Denny’s and I figured it out from there.  Had club pictures taken. I had one separate one made for Howard.  The rest in groups of two or more.  Sure hope mine comes out good.

Sharrie 1964    My 1964 Saffron Club Picture for Howard. It turned out great.

Saffrons club 1964

Saffrons 1964 Club Picture.  I’m first one on the left, second row.

Click to enlarge

Motorola “Vibrasonic” car radio amplifier from the 1960’s.

Howard’s car also had a Reverb & Car Record Player.  Imagine how great this song by the Ronettes, sounded on it.

The Ronettes, Baby I love You. 

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