I’d give anything to be a normal healthy girl.

March 30, 1964 Monday, Sick.

Called Marilyn to tell her that I was sick, so she drove us to school. I get sick every six weeks. Doctor’s can’t find an answer. I guess I’ll never get well. I want to die, I hate telling people I’m sick again. I hope I get through school this year. I get so sick, ( It’s probably all in my head,) but It’s so painful! I get blocked up and throw up for two weeks. I’d give anything to be a normal healthy girl. When I’m well though, people can’t believe I’d ever be sick, cause I am normal.


March 31, 1964, Tuesday. Sick – Went to the Doctors.

Rained all day. It feels safe to lay by the fireplace with the rain coming down. Nana came over and talked to me about Science of Mind. I went to see Doctor Zampetti, the Doctor who delivered me. I was afraid. He gave me some gastric suppositories to help me from throwing up. I got sick driving home and was sick all night. I cried and screamed from pain. Mommy called the Doctor again, he said to give me anything I wanted to eat, but to make sure I take the pills. I took sleeping pills, they gave me bad chest pains and couldn’t sleep all night. There must be a reason for this pain and nausea. I can’t hold anything down. I think the Doctor doesn’t know what to do, so he gives me pills to keep quiet.

Pills (file / credit: clipart.com)

So sadly my years of pill popping started, because Doctor’s couldn’t figure out what else to do for me.  Eventually I would have exploratory surgery and my appendix removed.  But I continued to be sick for 20 years.  The miracle came when I found an alternative Doctor in 1979 who began fasting me and changed my diet to vegetarian.  I was never sick again and still follow a strict way of life. 


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