The very minute I’m well, I’m back on the hunt, creating high drama. I can’t help falling in love with him.

April 1, 1964, Wednesday. I’ve been driving for one year.

Didn’t sleep again all night. I just can’t eat or drink a thing without throwing up. Trying to find a position to be free of pain, but it’s hard. I finally fall asleep for an hour sometime, but get up and take more pain pills and a hot bath to relax. Sometimes, I take a hot bath every hour, even while my family is sleeping at night. I feel bad that they have to suffer with me.

April 2, 1964, Thursday, Too sick and dazed to write.

April 3, 1964, Friday, Feel better today.

My cousin Big John called from the Marine base at Camp Pendelton today, but I didn’t want to talk to him. He’s really bugging me, demanding. Had Mommy tell him I was sleeping. Daddy want’s me to fix him up with Susan Thompson. They would make a good couple I think. Wish I could meet some boy I’d really like because I need another boyfriend. (Not Jewish this time.) I don’t think Howard and I will ever go back, but we’ll always be friends. I don’t love him like I used to. I still think of the little things we use to do and I wish I had him back.

April 4, 1964, Saturday. Felt good

Washed my hair. Didn’t do anything. Howard went to UCLA Mardi Gras and won a stuffed animal. Should have gone. Didn’t know about it. Didn’t do anything.

April 5, 1964, Sunday. Well Day. Mad Day.

Woke up feeling well. That’s the other thing about my sickness, it leaves as fast as it comes. I feel fantastic when the spells pass. Cleaned the house. Called Lauri to come with me to Lew’s. But, she wasn’t home, so my sister Donna had to come. When I got there I saw Howard’s car and started shaking. I was so scared. Knocked on the door and Bryan answered. Then I got the shock of my life. Lew told me he couldn’t play at the Saffron Dance. I started screaming as loud as I could, than started to cry. Howard felt sorry for me because it was sort of his fault. Guess we’ll have to get the “Esquires,” but, what a spot they put me in. The lead player quit, so there was nothing Lew could do. Howard said he would come. John called. Going skating Saturday.

Can’t Help Falling In Love: Elvis

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